ANEKS Polska

We are one of the largest manufacturers of removable footwear insoles in Europe.

About Us

Aneks Polska was established in Jaworzno in 2008 as an extension of PPH Aneks that had been operating for ten years.
From the beginning we have specialised in the production of removable insoles sold in an individual customer package, available in well-known retail chains. The vision of the company's development, combined with growing sales, made it necessary to build a modern production facility.

It resulted in the commissioning of a newly built hall at Młynarska street in Jaworzno in 2010, which consolidated production from several locations scattered throughout the town. Four years later - in 2014 - we completed the second facility, expanding the office and warehouse space.
The creation of this new production hall enabled, above all, dynamic extension of the assortment offer - mainly in the field of complex sports insoles.


Technological capabilities

Currently, as one of the few producers worldwide, we are able to offer practically all available production technologies - starting from traditional leather insoles, through profiled, thermoformed, polyurethane insoles, as well as advanced orthopaedic insoles and gel articles. Since 2012, we have been gradually developing offer for footwear manufacturers, for which we manufacture articles that are an integral part of their products.

Company structure

We have nearly 15,000 m2 of production, warehouse and office space, located in three buildings in the town.
With 500 employees we are one of the largest employers in the town, being an important point on the economic map of Jaworzno.
Our production capabilities exceed 3 million pairs of insoles per month, which makes us one of the European leaders in the production of this type of articles.
neks Polska is a company with an established position on the market, which guarantees successful business cooperation. See the gallery of sample products if you are interested in our offer, or the tab “Work” if you would like to join our company.



Aneks on Lineapelle trade fair in Milan

The Lineapelle trade fair in Milan is starting this coming week. Once again, you will also be able to meet Aneks Polska there.

Welcome to the new website

Welcome to the new website of Aneks Polska’s website. We have rebuilt and refreshed the website layout so that it would be easier to find appropriate information